John Gibson: Dress down for this sad shirt tale

Unthinkable but in time you won’t be hearing “suits you, sir” and it’s a shame. Not just a shame. Tragic when, a study of 2,000 adults found, a third of men aged 18 to 29 don’t even own a shirt.

I’d have to ask if they’ve ever owned a wardrobe (pray, what is a wardrobe?) and I feel obliged to add that 48 per cent of male office workers do now wear a suit.

Women? Twenty-seven per cent of them, this stultifying study further reveals, never wear a dress, They’re clinging to their old togs and keep jumping into jeans.

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So sad, this tale of a shirt. The bottom line is that the researchers didn’t stray north of the Border for this study. Had they hit Edinburgh they’d have found the Capital has more than its share of scruffbags of both sexes.

Acting the fuel

He was a disaster as leader of the Tories. Whispering Iain Duncan Smith hasn’t changed. Still leading by example, saying he wouldn’t want to receive the winter fuel allowance himself and he hopes that other people will return it.

“I’d be inclined to send it back,” he’s whispering. “If you honestly think it’s going to pay for your holiday, then give it back because it’s not what it’s meant to do.”

Wimp’s the word. And they were touting him for PM. Altogether now . . . shudder!

Afterwords . .

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. . . “We’re not built to understand ourselves. I don’t know if you’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t have demons.. Once in a while you do and they are boring people. It’s a definition of boring, I think,’’ according to the demonised Dustin Hoffman.