John Gibson: Just leave everything to the goalie

You don’t mess with Lindsay Hay, else you’ll risk a clout round the lugs with a hockey stick.

Not strictly true, at heart she’s an affable sort, owner of the Leaf & Bean tea room at Morningside. Her passion outside of catering is hockey. She’s goalkeeper for Boroughmuir Ladies Hockey Club, played for them five years back and she has played for Scotland, occasionally as Scotland’s goalie.

Lindsay has netted among her customers actor John Michie, a familiar face in Taggart and currently in Coronation Street. She’s saying: “John was spotted the moment he crossed our door. You might say he was our ‘special’ that day.”

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Meanwhile, Leaf & Bean has become a gallery for budding local artists. Their work decorates the walls.

Sweet nothings

Your right to chews. Are you being taken for a softie, something you can’t get your teeth into with this baffling array of hiked prices from the confectionery makers sprung on shoppers in good time for the Christmas rush.

Tins of, for example, Quality Street, have shrunk and the retail price unchanged from last year. There’s a reduction from 1kg to 820g. Makers Nestle, though, claim they have reduced the recommended retail price.

For sure, the price this Christmas will have shoppers girning. It’s all rather “gummy”. See your shrink about it. All I can say is that this whole caboodle’s playing havoc with my top set.

Afterwords . .

Mark Twain had a habit of saying of what I like to hear: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”