John Gibson: Keith made it a happy hibernia

About time too! A TV tribute to roustabout, essentially convivial TV chef Keith Floyd will be made in the new year by Poppy, 27, his daughter from his second marriage.

An architect by profession, she plans, for the programme, to visit the places visited by her late dad, recalling his adventures.

Feel free to call me, Poppy. Keith, right, introduced me to his then latest wife Tess at the Caley Hotel the day after surgery for my hibernia hernia. That morning Mr and Mrs Floyd had a giant bouquet at my bedside at the Western.

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Keith was partial to a “quick slurp” on screen with his recipes. Too many perhaps. The irrepressible bounder succumbed at 65.

Off you go, Coe

We’ll have ground-to-air missiles on stand-by at the grossly overspent Olympics. Can’t we have his lordship Seb Coe, all smiles and the epitome of smug, sitting astride a missile and fired into the blue yonder? We’d all be delighted to say tatty-bye to Coe, shout cheerio and pray it’s a one-way trip.

Star ratings

Telling it like it is. David Thomson, British editor of The Biographical Dictionary of Film, writes of Demi Moore: “She has no dramatic sense. It is not clear if she is active, resting, or just out of it.”

Of George Clooney: “It’s clear George Clooney is the most liked actor in US pictures. And it is also clear that he knows it.”

And of Michelle Pfeiffer, pictured below: “She still carries the rather stunned, obedient air of a checkout girl, as well as the lustre of a beauty pageant winner.”

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