John Gibson: Late winner must be that ’tache

Forget Only an Excuse and Chewin’ the Fat. Sportscene, BBC Glasgow’s football results round-up on Saturdays at half four, is even funnier. Intentionally, of course.

Compared with, say, Match of the Day this is TV football coverage very much in the raw. It seems a tangible struggle every week for the perpetrators to pad it all out and fill the allotted 40 minutes.

What makes Sportscene almost worth a glance is pundit Pat Nevin’s moustache.

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At first it looked like an apology for a mouser but as the season drags on we realise he’s serious about it.

Is Nevin trying to do a Woody Allen impression? Who’s the comedian? Nevin by a whisker?

Don’t miss Sportscene this Saturday. The Krankies will be reading the classified results.

Not on the rich list

Was that Richard Demarco I saw brandishing a clipboard at Russia’s stinking rich Roman Abramovich’s champers and caviar-drenched New Year’s Eve party for 400 guests at his Caribbean retreat?

Take it from me, my roving evesdropper from Fountainbridge assures me, Mr Demarco with the regulation the clipboard was not on that list. I counted them all on and counted them off.