John Gibson: Next best thing to a real war

What did you do in the war, dad? Your chance to tell them what it was really like when the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune on May 27 hosts a World War Experience Day.

The museum will recreate life on the front line and stage “live battles”. Workshops will teach you how “make, do and mend”. Useful in today’s economic climate, in these down-on-our-uppers times.

I’m told you can dress up and pose for a wartime portrait.

The spirit’s grabbing me already. I’m swithering, thinking about de-mothballing the old Royal Air Force uniform.


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What I did in the war is still “classified”. They can put you away for flouting the Official Secrets Act.


I suspected all along that Benedict Cumberbatch (real name), pictured, would prove problematic for the American press. The Washington Post’s valiant effort was Bandersnatch Cummerbund. My initial try, just when I was coming to terms with Engelbert Humperdinck, was Benny Dick Cabbagepatch.

Afterwords . . .


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. . . courtesy of Placido Domingo: “I have commitments for the next three years but I don’t know. The voice is a mystery. It could be gone in a month, in six months or a year, or I could be singing for another four or five. I don’t pose that question to myself. I’m feeling fine. I have a lot respect for the public and a lot of respect for myself.”