John Gibson: The Gaza girls coming to Roseburn

painter Ian Hughes plans an exhibition of a dozen paintings in oil of “Girls from Gaza” at next year’s Festival. Meantime, the first two can be seen at Art Et Facts, the shop close to his home in Roseburn.

Says Ian, resident there for 30 years: “I’ll have a one-man show in Krakow about the Holocaust in August and what I’ve got in mind with the Gaza girls is the other side of the coin, so to speak. What’s been going on with the Palestinian situation might be seen as a form of ethnic cleansing.

“I’ll do a series of 12 girls and hopefully I’ll find a gallery or museum for them next year.”

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Hughes’ work has been seen at the Tate Gallery and on a Peter Gabriel album cover.

Hot business

Shorof Uddin’s been in no great hurry with the curry. He ran his Curry Club in Canonmills for seven years, then the view from his Verandah in Dalry Road from 1986-92 which held a raft of possibilities.

He cast acquisitive eyes on bustling St John’s Road, creating a Corstorphine version of the Curry Club. He sold out there two months ago to concentrate his seemingly inexhaustible energy on his Inverleith Gardens 60-seater, In Touch, managed by his nephew Mufazal.

I forgot to mention the takeaway at 191 Dalry Road. Confusing, perhaps, but Shorof apparently can pick a sure thing and I understand he has something simmering on yet another gas. What a curry-on!

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