John Gibson: Tickled by Tamara’s dinky dad

Tickled, I was, at the family portrait of the wee man, Bernie Ecclestone, standing on something (a soap box maybe) to bring him up to the same altitude as his wife and two daughters.

That tickles, but not so much as the name of Omar Khyami, boyfriend of Bernie’s 27-year-old daughter Tamara..

She’s a billionairess and, we are told, there’s nothing she likes more than sitting in at home, her and Omar, watching the telly and munching Minstrels. A lass with simple pursuits.

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Minstrels. Mind your teeth, love. Dad wouldn’t have one of his daughters with falsers. Not NHS orthodontistry, for sure.

Tamara’s sister Petra’s wedding in Rome reportedly set Bernie back £12 million. Crivvens, that tops Trattoria High Street restaurateur Gordon Scott’s tab for daughter Nastacia’s wedding in Italy last August.

I’m not a doctor but I diagnose MTB (money to burn) afflicting Dinky Bernie here.

Take a bow

Would a fitba’ fan dare meddle with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons responsibly, authoritatively? Nigel Kennedy would say so most assuredly.

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Nige, who brought his violin and orchestra to the Usher Hall last Thursday, has a season ticket for life at Aston Villa. He was made senior president of the club in 1990.

He recently celebrated his 55th birthday.

Wonder if Nicola Benedetti sent him a card.

Does Nicola, bless her, have his autograph? She might even have one of his old Villa scarves.

Afterwords . .

. . . here’s something to put the wind up you if you’re a George Clooney fan and it’s Mister Perfection talking about himself and his buddies: “We think it’s one of the funniest things in the history of mankind. Even the idea of a fart makes me laugh. To me there’s nothing funnier.”

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