John Gibson: Tony talks tosh about Lady Gaga

Nobody’s denying that, in his day, at his peak, Tony Bennett was masterly. One of the all-time greats. But he’s just five years off 90. Even the loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay and the beauty that is Rome can be for another day.

Aye, Tony you’ve gone a bit doolally, saying of Lady Gaga: “I think she’s going to become as famous as Elvis Presley.”

I know she’s on your latest album. But are you that desperate for sales? A performer of your class, should you be associating with these people?

What’s up Doc?

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Doesn’t the Bishop of London Dr Richard Chartres (big Dick to his cronies), look uncannily like Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams? Only from what I’ve seen on the telly, mark you. Didn’t they come out of the same cracker?

Doc Chartres wants to see a lasting memorial to the protesters squatting in the square outside St Paul’s. Best of luck, doc. It took a bloody long time to have a monument materialise to the unsung heroes of Bomber Command. I protest. Vehemently.

Cole industry

Every time we say goodbye. Great song. One of zillions from genius Cole Porter, right. Yes, Philiip Contini is saying cheerio with his just-in-time-for-festive listening CD but there are 14 tracks here, all from the Porter archive.

Contini obviously revelled in delving into it. He is accompanied by his Be Happy Band, as they’ve become known in Elm Row. Quality all the way.

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