Jonathan Melville: Hungry for Jump Street 2

NEVER make assumptions when it comes to Hollywood movies.

That’s something I learnt this week after watching both 21 Jump Street and The Hunger Games, having dreaded the first and looked forward to the second, getting it wrong on both counts.

Last month I mentioned that actor Jonah Hill was co-writing and starring in an update of 80s cop show, 21 Jump Street, turning it into a comedy in the process.

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I doubted that it would improve on the original and held off seeing it for as long as possible.

At the same time I made sure I saw the much-hyped Hunger Games as early as possible, even though I’m not a fan of teen dramas and hadn’t read the book.

The adverts and reviews said it was something special and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

To say that 21 Jump Street is a fresh take on the cop buddy movie would be an understatement.

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Smart, self-referential and never unkind to the parent series, the film found me laughing out loud throughout.

Sadly, The Hunger Games started out promisingly before turning into an overlong and predictable slog to the finish. Never mind that the characters were trapped for days with no escape, I frequently felt the same.

The news that both films will result in sequels may not be unexpected but I know which one I’ll be queuing to see when it arrives in cinemas.

Finally, if you’re passing the Cameo Cinema this weekend, stop into the bar for a look at the new poster exhibition for Edinburgh-set films that never were.

Local artist Eddscape has created gorgeous posters for films including The Bridge on the River Forth and The Rock and The Monument.

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