Karek Koren: It’s never too Late to learn

IMAGINE having your own TV series on BBC One on your birthday... well that’s what happened to me this week.

All went well, with friends forcing themselves to stay up later than usual on a school night. Thank God for the TV recording apparatus - so many people either recorded Late’n’ Live Guide To Comedy or watched it on BBC iPlayer.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Late ’n’ Live Guide To Comedy has gone out over the last two weeks and has another two episodes to go.

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Next Monday’s is entitled Antics. Lots of daft things have happened at Late ’n’ Live over the years, as you will discover - Jarred Christmas has a fight over a pavlova, Russell Howard auctions off David O’Docherty’s bike, Fred Macaulay watches Bill Bailey playing with his punk band Beergut 100 and Ed Byrne ‘dry humps’ two well known comics on stage – I think you see his bare bottom. Not a thing for early evening audiences I can’t tell you.

Most distasteful of all is the last scene, which has to do with American comic Scott Capurro and a jumper... that’s all I am prepared to say, apart from the fact that what you don’t see are the worst parts. Just know that Scott Capurro himself throws the jumper into the audience. A tale worth telling, though.

So much has not been said and may never be able to be told. There’s around 400 hours of footage of one comic or another, either being funny, boring, wild, outrageous or, of course, very rude. Beats a lap-dancing club any day.

How on Earth did I get into this business? I really don’t know. I only know that some people can behave very badly late at night. If any of you want to discover more, please let BBC Scotland know so they can commission another series, then we can show you even more outrageous and remarkable nights that have been had at Late ’n’ Live.