Light-hearted film or musical perfect for baby cinema - Karen Koren

My week started by going to the baby cinema at the Everyman within St James Quarter. I have not had enough time to really get to know the St James Quarter yet, which is a terrible admission.
Andrew Scott as Adam in All Of Us StrangersAndrew Scott as Adam in All Of Us Strangers
Andrew Scott as Adam in All Of Us Strangers

The Everyman is lovely, cosy and parents with their babies can go at 10.15 in the morning and get a coffee and cake included in the price of the cinema ticket.

Katy, my daughter, and granddaughter Penny had already been a couple of times and just loved it. I enjoyed it to a certain degree – however your ears had to shut out all the baby noises that went on, which is fair enough, you can’t expect babies to sit in silence.

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Having said that, I wasn’t quite sure of the film I had signed up for. It was All of Us Strangers with Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, both incredible actors and this is a very complex film.

Slow moving and being very emotional, as you can imagine it was quite hard to be able to concentrate with little babies, wrigglying about and wanting to be heard.

I did leave the cinema emotional and glad that I had seen the film, however I realise that I missed quite a lot of it. So my advice is if you go to baby cinema go when there is a good light hearted musical or comedy.

First time Katy went the film was Wonka – which was the perfect antidote to crying babies. To be fair, Katy said that Penny was not as happy this time round at the cinema, so we may not be able to repeat the excursion for much longer.

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Penny is only six months old and has already outgrown baby cinema.

What I loved best was being in St James Quarter before ten in the morning, it was so quiet and you could go round the shops easily and at a leisurely pace.

Only one drawback with the baby cinema, you have to be accompanied by a baby, otherwise you can’t go. So you will have to find some little babies to accompany if you want to see a morning film.