Lynne McCrossan: Forget flip-flops - it’s a coat and gloves summer

STANDING shivering on the jetty overlooking a derelict Fountainbridge it was pretty hard to believe we’re currently mid-May.

By Lynne McCrossan
Monday, 21st May 2012, 2:06 pm

Wrapped up in a full-length pony skin coat to keep the nip out I felt terrible as my poor model grew more blue by the second while she tried to conjure warmer thoughts.

We may have been shooting summer fashion but the weather last week was far from flush.

I’m starting to think the energy companies are in cahoots with the atmosphere so we have to keep the heating cranked up all year round.

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The depressing thing is my mind keeps wafting back to those two wonderful days in March when the sun was bursting the sky and the scent of barbecue hung in the humid air.

It was a cheeky wee preview to a summer that looks doubtful now.

I don’t want to write off the season altogether but it’s not looking good considering it’s still snowing in some parts.

The fate of being forced to wear our winter warmers over the summer months rest with one man: St Swithun.

Come July 15 the patron saint of Winchester Cathedral will condemn us to 40 days and nights of whichever weather occurs on that day.

I’m trying to think happy flip-flop thoughts but rain macs and gloves seem much more fitting for our charming Scottish weather.

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