Lynne McCrossan: Lay it on thick to make the most of Autumn days

LEARNING the art of layering is like mastering origami.

By Lynne McCrossan
Monday, 31st October 2011, 12:03 pm

It takes tons of practice, can leave you sweating and if caught in a particularly strong wind the results could be blown to pieces in seconds. But nailing it ensures staying stylish while keeping out the shivers during autumn’s descent into winter.

Now is the perfect time to experiment with textures, colours and fabrics.

Every earthy tone you see falling from the trees this time of year should be your inspiration.

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Use them as the colour guide to your autumn/winter wardrobe and you’ll be halfway there to layering perfection.

Now, when I say “layer” I mean the build-up of fabrics to flatter your form. Not bulking up your frame with loads of heavy materials.

Soft floaty fabrics look fabulous with hard, almost masculine, materials over them.

Your found-ation should be light. Think chiffon or jersey.

From there add knitwear. The thickness of the knit should be determined by the final layer going over it.

Finally, you want to be reunited with hats, gloves and scarf. They’ll be the only items left on show by the time the winter coat is pulled out and our layering days are numbered.

Fashion Insider

I know I’ve just been banging on about the winter wardrobe, but the fashion world is already a season ahead of us. Previews for what’s appearing on our high street next summer were unveiled last week and I can report we’ll be wearing metallic silver sandals come spring.