Michael’s move into property business pays off - Fiona Duff

So, if you live in central Edinburgh, where indeed I am lucky enough to be based, there are two things that you always see attached to the buildings.

Michael Hodgson of MacGregor Property
Michael Hodgson of MacGregor Property

First there’s scaffolding (how I wish I had invested in such a firm at some point) and secondly there are For Sale signs popping up everywhere.

Of course, there are always the usual suspects flogging flats and houses so when I started noticing a few with a new name on them I was intrigued. Who were MacGregor Property I wondered. No need to do much digging these days, just log into Google search and all the information I needed.

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Well, you could have knocked me over with a single use carrier bag when I saw who was behind this new firm on the block. None other than one Michael Hodgson who I worked with many moons ago.

I always have utter respect for anyone who sets up their own company – never mind that he went striding into an area that is hardly under-represented in Edinburgh, but did so during lockdown almost two years ago. What Michael was offering was a service that you don’t always get when buying or selling a flat. That is simply the person who sweet talked you into using their services, being there throughout the process. No handing you over to their assistant, or being too busy with someone deemed more important. And I like that when dealing with big decisions.

Now, don’t get too excited – I’m not planning to move any time soon. However, if I were the report produced by MacGregor Property at the end of 2021 would fill any of my neighbours with hope. In one area prices rose by over 15 per cent last year. That’s a heck of a lot more than you would get at any building society for sure. On top of that, as I read further, there are now more than 5000 properties worth more that £1m in the capital.

Needless to say, I am pleased that I am not having to look for a first property, but like many rather smug that I am living in my pension.