My road rage shame: 'Hayley Monster' incident saw me apologising in the playground with a bright red face moments later – Hayley Matthews

I'm quite well known for being a bit of a hot-head and, despite trying not to, I can easily fly off the handle!
Those who are prone to road rage may wish to take a bus or walk instead (Picture: Shutterstock)Those who are prone to road rage may wish to take a bus or walk instead (Picture: Shutterstock)
Those who are prone to road rage may wish to take a bus or walk instead (Picture: Shutterstock)

Couple this with not enjoying driving in the city centre and it doesn't make for a pleasant experience in the Matthews Mobile.

I'm also at quite bad for thinking I'm never in the wrong but boy did I learn that lesson during the week.

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I was on my way to the school when a van pulled out in front of me and as per usual, I went hysterical! Threw my hands up in the air (in fact I even think I reversed slightly so I could make sure the driver of the van could see I was not impressed).

There was no swearing but I did shout a lot. The poor guy was trying to say something but he had a mask on and glasses and I couldn't see his face properly, or make out what he was saying.

He didn't seem angry but as I drove off he took the same turning as me. I thought there was going to be a confrontation but no, he passed me and then I forgot all about it.

Until, that was, I got a tap on the shoulder two minutes later in the school playground to say "Hayley, that was me back there in the van". Arghhhh, it was my friend’s husband and he was picking up his kid from school.

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I wanted the world to swallow me up whole, I wanted to run into the corner and just cry!

He explained he had to pull out because he thought another car was about to hit his. I apologised and apologised and apologised and he also apologised.

I told him he had nothing to apologise for and my reaction was outrageously over the top. My eldest son found this hilarious as he scooted about me standing in the playground with a bright red coupon as I profusely apologised for my outburst.

My son also piped up how he'd gotten a fright at my shouting – yes not at the honking of the horn or the swerving but my shouting and screaming was what caused the most upset.

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So my lesson of the week has to be to just chill out a bit, stay off the road and just think before I go full steam ahead like a raging lunatic.

I read a quote recently that said "life isn't stressful, it's how you react to life that causes stress". So here I am all chilled out (well trying to be – because I am a highly anxious and stressed person) and being mindful of the fact that there isn't any need to blow your top on a daily basis.

The ‘Hayley Monster’ seems to rear her head every time I'm on the road so I think I should be doing more walking or sign up to LRT's finest for a monthly pass. I'm sure my blood pressure and many of Edinburgh's motorists would feel the benefit.

Thankfully my friend’s husband was understanding of my flip-out. I'm still absolutely mortified by it all, however, we had a wee chuckle about it and moved on.

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So I'm having humble pie for my tea tonight... what about you?

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