Name and shame the dodgy PPE suppliers - Fiona Duff

So enough of my usual twaddle here – I want to get a bit serious because sometimes I can get a bit angry. Don’t even bother to ask Him Indoors – he knows the result of putting too much salt in a stew, if I have a bee in my bonnet it is buzzing to get out.
Joanne Froggatt as Dr Abbey Henderson in BreathtakingJoanne Froggatt as Dr Abbey Henderson in Breathtaking
Joanne Froggatt as Dr Abbey Henderson in Breathtaking

So over the past few weeks all we seem to have heard about on the Covid Inquiry in Scotland is how everyone seemed to think it normal to delete their WhatsApp messages.

I don’t even know how you do that to be honest – maybe I should go on a course. Mind you it does all sound a bit fishy if you ask me.

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However, what I want to know about is all the millions of spondoolies the Scottish Government spent on Personal protective equipment (PPE) that was as much use as a chocolate teapot.

From what I hear the suppliers that were good actually had to point out to the Scottish Government that their contracts were pretty worthless and suggested that they added a few clauses. For goodness sake what a bunch of numpties we are all paying to employ.

Of course, there were some who provided PPE which was completely useless. So what did they do with this junk?

Well. Just spend a lot of money sending them around the UK and perhaps (no ideas if this might be true, although I love a bit of tittle tattle) to a landfill where several million pounds worth of gear would be dumped,

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I have been watching Jed Mercurio’s Breathtaking on ITV and STV – based on a doctor’s experience of what happened. It’s difficult to know whether they made the right decisions at such a time of which we had no experience.

But what I would like to know is what has come of those steps that the Scottish Government took which have cost so much money which we will never see again.

Not you, not me, but several people did get rich supplying dodgy PPE and they should be named and shamed as well as the idiots that allowed them to do so.