Pandora’s book opens delights for my book club - Fiona Duff

Well, the youngsters might be celebrating that nightclubs have reopened this week.
Pandora author, Susan Stokes ChapmanPandora author, Susan Stokes Chapman
Pandora author, Susan Stokes Chapman

Hurrah, they can go and dance the night away until 3am but luckily for them it’s not something I plan to do. In fact as half of them clutch fake IDs, I think my bus pass would be enough to have me excluded from such venues.

No – instead I am more excited about being able to meet up with my book group. Last time we met was in September in a garden, but next week we shall be in a friend’s home drinking wine, eating cheese and talking about whatever book we are meant to have read.

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But I have exciting news. Today sees the publication of a new book called Pandora written by first-time author Susan Stokes Chapman. For some reason, which I cannot disclose otherwise I would have to come round to your gaff and have serious words, I actually read this earlier in the month and to be honest it’s a cracking good read. If it isn’t on the list for most book groups in the next few weeks I would be very surprised. And of course you don’t need the believe me – one national newspaper called it “a glorious treat” and the Sunday Times had it as their choice for this month.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but Pandora is rather beautiful. Definitely one to keep on show during those zoom meetings which will continue even if lockdown is a thing of the past. Set in Georgian London it weaves together Greek mythology, jewellery designing and an insight into how society worked in those days. The pages almost turn themselves – I read the whole thing in two days as the husband was left unfed and the dog unwalked.

It is rather nice to be ahead of the game here. I am usually the one listening to others talk about the latest Netflix series whilst not even have heard about it. So nip up to your local bookshop, put the kettle on and spend some time with Pandora.

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