Pavement parking ban is right step for safety - Angus Robertson

Pavement parking, double parking, parking at crossing points and parking on verges between roads and pavements is now banned in Edinburgh. Breaches in the rules could cost up to £100.
People struggle to pass cars parked on a narrow street pavementPeople struggle to pass cars parked on a narrow street pavement
People struggle to pass cars parked on a narrow street pavement

In 2022, following the observation and study of pavement parking’s effects on 5,217 roads, and in collaboration with groups like Living Streets and Guide Dogs Scotland, council members decided to implement a ban on pavement parking and double parking. This decision included specific exemptions as directed by the Scottish Government.

This is the right step for improving safety for people with pushchairs, wheelchairs or with walking or vision impediments. It will help prevent degradation in pavements from heavy vehicles mounting and dismounting kerbs – reports of freshly laid pavements being damaged are a frequent and real frustration.

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While the move may be irksome to those thinking a quick on-kerb park to nip in and run an errand somewhere is of no harm, the fact is we should strive for equality of access in our city. With this in mind, perhaps now is a good time to think of how else we might improve access in our city for all. Have a think. Write to your councillors and MSPs. We’re here to work for you and put good ideas like this one into action.

In the coming days, I’ll be writing to residents on streets where on-street parking is a particular problem. We should all be committed to the new rules, and if you see a vehicle breaching these rules, you can report it via the council website.