Pico’s Pack dog rescuers deserve our help - Hayley Matthews

When we were at DogFest last weekend I bumped in to the lovely Pico's Pack dog rescue volunteers Caroline and Marissa who were working hard to sell T-shirts in aid of the Serbian dog rescue Picos Pack.
Pico's Pack changing bagPico's Pack changing bag
Pico's Pack changing bag

They all work very hard to care for the abandoned and abused street dogs of Belgrade who see some unimaginable cruelty. I can only imagine how challenging it is to raise funds in times like these but the girls were incredible! Giving up their weekend to bring in pennies for the good of the pups - true hero's!

Their stall stood out at us as they had the warmest smiles and best dog T-shirts ever so we went over to have a chat with. The lovely Caroline realised we were Facebook friends and we had a great conversation about their volunteering work for the Serbian dogs. With a small team based in Belgrade at the Pico's Pack Sanctuary (where they care for around 130 dogs and puppies), and volunteers in the UK, it's clear to see they are the angels that help so many dogs and puppies to be rescued from horrific abuse. What a great way to let the dog fans of Midlothian know about Picos Pack by having a stall at DogFest.

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Their ultimate aim is to re-homing as many of man's best friend as possible, however with more and more people struggling with the cost of living taking on a rescue animal right now may seem to much of a stretch however, a little donation always goes to far. So please if you can - help out our lovely rescue team by giving a little to www.picospack.org/donate

The volunteers and pups would be ever so grateful.