Police 'talking to' on street about smoking, drugs and alcohol scared my young son – Hayley Matthews

My eldest had a bit of a fright with the police during the week.

Friday, 3rd June 2022, 4:45 pm
The police who spoke to Hayley's son meant well (Picture: Jane Barlow/PA)
The police who spoke to Hayley's son meant well (Picture: Jane Barlow/PA)

My son, who’s 11, got a bit of a talking to and it was completely out of the blue. They kind of scared him, to be honest, although it was all with good intentions.

They were out educating kids about vaping, smoking, drugs and alcohol which is a great message but one I think that should come from the parents, not the street police.

Kids learn early these days, especially the ones whose parents are getting bevvied in the park most free afternoons – you know the type, the ones too hungover to get up with their kids in the morning.

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It's so sad that young kids are being thrust into an environment where the police need to go round educating them, it's really the parents’ job to teach their kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol – not the police’s.

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They are already busy enough trying to keep the streets safe from paedophiles, rapists and of course the odd time-waster who calls them to report they have more wax coming out of one ear than the other.

But seriously, the chat that the police had with my eldest and his friends has scared them a little. I get that's the point, to scare the kids into not wanting to take drugs or binge drink but all kids are different, and all kids receive information differently.

So as welcome as the police educating kids on sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll is, that job really needs to start at home.