Praise the Republic of Leith for its joyous gala day - next stop Hogmanay? - Susan Morrison

Leith Gala day returned in splendid triumph. Yes, it was breezy, I’ll give you that, and the combination of high winds, small children and candy floss is always going to create a sticky situation.

By Susan Morrison
Friday, 17th June 2022, 4:55 am

There was a small smattering of rain, but not enough to stop the choirs, musicians and dancers on the main stage. They decisively won the battle with the breeze to entertain the folks on the seats who paid no heed to the weather at all.

Two women took up position early on, armed with umbrellas, cagoules and Prosecco. These gals were in it for the long haul. Well, they told me, they had to be. Seven granweans between them over three different performances, so they weren’t going anywhere, and they didn’t care. They were having a hoot.

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We had belly dancers, circus folk and the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, who ran a dog show.

Once again I was out litter-picking with the best of them. Someone asked for a shot of my picker. I was brutal. Just no. You can’t just go about wielding a single user trigger operated picker with grooved jaw implementation and anti-slip ergonomic grip without training. That’s a lethal machine in the wrong hands.

Leith came out in force to party on the Links, with the smell of coffee, hot dogs and burgers wafting clear across to Fife.

It was glorious fun, and all due to the tiny band of people who work tirelessly through the year to make sure that the pitches are filled, the permits are applied for and those trigger action litter pickers are ready to use. Without people like Nick Gardner and his board, and the force of nature that is organiser Carrie Beattie, there would just have been an empty space, pretty much as it has been for the last two years.

Leith Gala Day was glorious fun, all thanks to the tiny band of people who work tirelessly through the year to make it happen, writes Susan Morrison. PIC: Ian Georgeson

So, onwards and upwards, Republic of Leith. Let's get a Hogmanay gig going and rival that hootenanny up town. Lets spring for some Sparklers to rival that firework extravaganza up at the castle and I’ll get to fulfil a lifetime's ambition, litter picking by moonlight.