Putting people at the heart of our services- Cammy Day

​This month as we set the city’s budget, my priority is for us to agree savings and investments to ensure we continue to protect the core services on which so many people depend.
Council leader Cammy DayCouncil leader Cammy Day
Council leader Cammy Day

We must stay true to our ambitions – ending poverty, becoming net zero and creating a good, inclusive place to live and work.

This year we’ve put additional investment into the services that impact you every day, such as doubling the funding for roads and pavements, a deep clean of the city and a cash boost injection into maintaining and improving our beautiful parks and greenspace.

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The cost-of-living crisis has only exasperated the city’s wealth divide and inequality. Over the past year, we’ve doubled our homelessness budget, helped over 4000 people into work or learning and, through our advice partnerships, helped put more than £20 million directly into the pockets of residents who need it most.

Edinburgh City Chambers, The High Street. Pic: Neil HannaEdinburgh City Chambers, The High Street. Pic: Neil Hanna
Edinburgh City Chambers, The High Street. Pic: Neil Hanna

We’ve narrowed the poverty related attainment gap in our schools and continue to support our residents in care homes, in receipt of at home care and everyone in between.

Despite all this hard work, I remain deeply concerned and will continue our work to deliver our End Poverty in Edinburgh plan to help people keep their heads above water and ensure the best future for our citizens.

On climate we remain determined to play our part in the global fight against climate change. The city has been internationally recognised for our action on climate and our commitment to making a real and lasting difference.

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The Climate Strategy and city-wide carbon emissions report demonstrates we’re continuing to make progress. However, climate change is already upon us which is why we’ve published a new Climate Ready Edinburgh strategy to address the impact on the city.

For our part, we’ll continue to focus on our key priorities for Edinburgh: to face into the climate emergency, tackle poverty and to consistently deliver high quality services for our residents. We do however remain the lowest funded local authority in Scotland. The SNP-led Scottish Government have reduced funding for our already underfunded local authorities, threatening our ability to deliver essential services for Edinburgh.

It’s going to be a fascinating year with voters heading to the polls seeking change. This is an opportunity for the UK to be led with integrity and by a government who will focus on what is important to people both now and in the future.

But no matter what happens in these elections, I know that our ultimate responsibility is to you, by putting people at the heart of all of our services, and ensuring the city continues to thrive. I will continue to fight for fair funding for both the city and for our communities who deserve better from their government.