Queen Elizabeth should be allowed to retire so King Charles and Queen Camilla can take over – Susan Morrrison

She’s 96 for heaven's sake, and if ever there was a time to let the old girl put her feet up, watch rubbish on the telly and start woofing down the Battenburg cake, this is it.

Friday, 13th May 2022, 12:30 pm

What's the big deal with sending Charlie boy to open parliament in her stead? She doesn’t get about easily any more for one thing, and that amble through the Houses of Parliament looks a bit tricky for a gal her age. I bet that carpet’s rucked up in places for a start, and it's just one slip to a broken hip.

If she insists on a comeback show, they might consider giving the queen a jetpack in future years. Trust me, I would tune in to watch the queen zoom in like a panto fairy.

In fact, she didn’t just send Charles. The crown went with him. In it’s own car.

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Now, given the cost of fuel these days, sending a sparkly hat in its own vehicle strikes me the height of decadence. It smacks of the sort of luxury that leads to the peasants starting to look askance at their betters, like being told to eat cake.

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One more laissez-faire blunder like that and I can see the workers storming the palace gates, although, of course, we won’t be able to afford petrol bombs.

It's time that laddie of hers got a crack at the top job anyway. They’ve been doing ‘Take you Son to Work’ Day for decades. He knows the ropes.

Susan Morrison is looking forward to the reign of Queen Camilla (Picture: Eddie Mulholland/WPA pool/Getty Images)

Oh, I know Lizzie seems resistant to retiring, but perhaps she could be persuaded that it's time for another royal event. We’ve run out of marriageable ones and the birthing ones have packed that in for a while.

Funerals just don’t cut it in the fun department, but a coronation, now, there’s a thing the TV companies can get behind, and the Americans just love it.

Personally, I would welcome Queen Camilla, a woman who has reportedly made inroads into the late Queen Mother’s gin lake, and is believed to swear like a trouper. Bet she’d liven up dull State Dinners no end.

Queen Elizabeth sent Prince Charles, along with her crown, to deliver her speech to the Houses of Parliament (Picture: Alastair Grant/WPA pool/Getty Images)