Rain puts paid to swapping the thermal underwear for sunglasses - Fiona Duff

Saturday was such a lovely day that I packed away my thermal underwear (I know, my life is just too fabulous) and dug out my sunglasses. Of course I should have known better as on Monday I had to unpack them again and put the sunglasses back in the drawer.
Fiona owns a 'very energetic' spanielFiona owns a 'very energetic' spaniel
Fiona owns a 'very energetic' spaniel

Where is all this rain coming from? I did start reading some in-depth feature by a meteorologist but gave up because it was all a bit too depressing.

I mean my husband isn’t sure when he’s going to be able to plant his potatoes in the allotment and once they start coming through I save a lot on my weekly shopping bill.

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And then there’s my hair. It isn’t the neatest barnet at the best of times but after a couple of minutes in the drizzle I look quite demented. The sides of my fringe start curling out and with my colour of hair I start to resemble a Highland cow, and that is not a look I have ever heard anyone who writes about style or fashion advocate.

What with owning a very energetic spaniel, I can’t just sit inside on my bahookie and watch Escape to the Country or whatever show is on television at 3pm of an afternoon.

No, I have to put on wellies and a big hooded jacket and take him out a few times a day for a walk. And when we return we are both like drowned rats, although he does not give a monkey’s and is happy to put his dirty paws all over the carpet. Mind you it does keep my step count up whilst other non-dog owners struggle to get to three figures when it’s tipping it down outside.

I know that this is a first world problem – quite literally with droughts in Africa and wars waging all around the globe. So many people would give their right arm to only have to worry about their hair or mud on the carpet.

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But the fact is that I do live in the first world and there isn’t much else about which I can fret.

Anyway, there is a pair of pleading eyes staring at me so it’s back into the pouring precipitation for yours truly.

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