Scotland works for key Euro energy role - Angus Robertson

Scotland could provide 10 per cent of the whole of Europe’s hydrogen import demand by the mid-2030s, supporting up to 300,000 jobs in the green economy.
Scotland Pipeline Graphic from report launchScotland Pipeline Graphic from report launch
Scotland Pipeline Graphic from report launch

That’s according to a new report by the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC). The ‘Hydrogen Backbone Link project’ looks into what hydrogen transportation infrastructure will be needed to establish a cost-effective pipeline solution.

This move would position Scotland as a frontrunner in the development of a pan-European hydrogen infrastructure for export; play a key role in helping the Scottish Government meet its green export ambition and facilitating continental Europe’s industrial decarbonisation.

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To achieve this, and to capture a share of the growing market, the report makes the following key recommendations: accelerate public and private investment to deliver the backbone pipeline; continue to invest in hydrogen and wind deployments to deliver security of supply; develop National Energy Storage Strategy Cross-border policy and standards alignment and; provide financial support to accelerate technology development and infrastructure deployment to turn vision into reality.

Scotland becoming a renewable energy and hydrogen powerhouse directly connected to the European continent also opens the prospect of becoming a hub for further northern European countries who are similarly energy rich.

Our neighbourhood can become the battery of Europe and Scotland can lead the way.