Scottish independence: Westminster's refusal to allow referendum shows UK democracy is an illusion – Christine Grahame MSP

Democracy was coined from the Greek dēmos (people) and kratos (rule). In the UK, there is the illusion of democracy, and of a “Union”.

The lack of democracy has been fully exposed by the farcical Comedy of Errors from Boris Johnson through to the two combatants to replace him. Like all comedy, it’s rooted in tragedy, Et tu, Brute, Rishi.

These two, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, like their buffoonish predecessor, are as aliens to Scotland. Their rampant ambition knows no bounds when appealing to the minutiae of their electorate: Tory members. No wonder Conservatives are cagey about the size of the membership, ranging from 100,000-160,000.

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Either of these will again thrust policies on Scotland we never voted for. But then we never did at the last and many previous elections.

Deportation of desperate immigrants to Rwanda? Not a problem. The battle to tax or not to tax? Fodder to that “electorate” while cutting benefits and standing by the rape clause. Remember, no child credit for a third child unless it was the result of rape.

Both laud Margaret Thatcher, remember her? Liz Truss has the advantage, with the pussy-bow and Zhivago Russian outfit straight from Thatcher’s wardrobe. Both Thatcher Mark 2.

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Scottish referendum? Nae chance, though both have said that constitutional matters should be put to a referendum. The “now is not the right time” mantra of course translates into “never” and the fall-back defence of “once in a lifetime” was without the substantial change in our circumstances: Brexit which Scotland by 62 per cent opposed.

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Westminster deludes itself that it is a bastion of democracy (Picture: Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images)

Vote “yes” and Scotland will be thrown out of Europe. Give me strength. Passport controls, lorry parks at Dover, Northern Ireland anyone?

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Now we are compelled to apply to the Supreme Court just to see if the Scottish Parliament has the right to hold a referendum, and remember this would be consultative, just as the Brexit one was!

Fact, there is no written UK constitution. The Union did not mean Scotland was absorbed into England where Parliament is sovereign.

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No, in Scotland, the people are sovereign and that is why the Queen is Queen of Scots, not Scotland. The Declaration of Arbroath still resonates to this century.

We are and remain a nation just as England is. I say this as someone proud to be born in England of an English mother. The excellent progress of the English women’s football team’s “Lionesses” and talk proudly of being “English” is right. Supporters wave St George flags.

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But we are Scottish and have shown through the ballot box the democratic will of the people: 45 SNP MPs to six Tories, 64 SNP MSPs to 31 Tories.

Yet this conclusive democratic support for independence is blocked by Westminster which deludes itself as the bastion of democracy.

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Our case is now with the Supreme Court and if it rules against, it would be interesting to hear what alternative route the Scottish Parliament can take.

Whether you support independence or not, it cannot be right that one nation prevents another from determining its future. The UK went to war to allow the Falkland Islands, not even a nation, to choose its future in a referendum.

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Or does that veto just apply to Scotland?

Christine Grahame is SNP MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale