Sometimes it’s hard to be a party woman - Fiona Duff

It’s been a bit of a week, I have had to be honest. At this time of year I am usually found sitting on the sofa of an evening.
Sister Act, starring Lesley Joseph, Sandra Marvin and Lizzie BeaSister Act, starring Lesley Joseph, Sandra Marvin and Lizzie Bea
Sister Act, starring Lesley Joseph, Sandra Marvin and Lizzie Bea

However, it has been a bit non-stop for the past few days; a friend arrived on Friday to stay for a few days but being the perfect host (not) we abandoned her the following evening to go to a 21st.

Yes, you read that correctly – one of my daughter’s friends was celebrating her milestone birthday and invited a few old codgers along as well.

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Apart from her parents I didn’t know any of the other oldies, but we had a lovely time talking to her friends as we have known most of them since they were little nippers.

At 10.30pm we thought it best to leave so that they could start misbehaving properly. Also, to be honest, my feet were getting a bit sore from standing up in heels for so long.

Since then we had a late lunch with friends on Sunday then had other friends round for supper on Monday both of which were very jolly events.

On Tuesday I made a rare visit over to Glasgow to see a friend perform in Sister Act. The musical is an absolute hoot and the production is amazing. Unfortunately, the run is sold out and for you Edinburgh readers you’ll have to wait until next autumn next year before it comes to the capital.

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I’m sure you can already buy tickets, so if you like a night out, a good laugh and fantastic singing, I would book them sooner rather than later.

So you would think after four nights on the trot I would be lying in a darkened corner. But last night I went to a talk by acclaimed Edinburgh architect, Lorn Macneal and his take on how to make Georgian properties suitable for 21st century living.

He’s been working doing this sort of thing for 40 years so he does know his stuff.

So from today my diary is pretty blank. That matches my brain which definitely needs a rest.