Talk of the town: Caroline pops in for ‘surprise’ trim

THIS city is renowned as the home of the Fringe – and TV presenter Caroline Flack certainly thought so too after stopping by to have her locks trimmed.

Caroline said: “I thought it would be good fun to pop in and surprise the team.”

Which proves the appearance was absolutely nothing to do with her being paid to act as “brand ambassador” for the salon firm.

Schmidt’s Scots schooling

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Wikipedia is the most popular reference work on the web, but the site also has a reputation for being compromised by the unscrupulous – often for comic effect.

According to the web encyclopedia, Eric Schmidt – chairman of that other internet behemoth Google – once attended Preston Lodge High School as a pupil “but was only there for three months before being kicked out”.

Schmidt, currently listed as the 138th richest person in the world with an estimated wealth of £4.5 billion, has made little mention of this academic career at Preston Lodge.

Schmidt actually graduated from Yorktown High School in Virginia in 1972, before going on to study at Princeton University.

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So that’s plans for a new gym or library at his East Lothian “alma mater” up in smoke then.

Never too old to party

This column told on Monday how party-goers in the Capital were calling it a day at the mere age of 32, with Hogmanay revellers more likely to celebrate in front of the telly than on Princes Street.

So it’s hats off to ex-Simple Minds boss Bruce Findlay, who insisted there was no way he was missing his former charges light up the Capital’s party.

Bruce told TOTT: “Well, I’ll tell you what, this 68-year-old is going to be in Princes Street Gardens at the Bells!”

Welsh aims high for 2013

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HE’S got thousands of fans all over the world and Irvine Welsh has begun the new year by sending their expectations into the stratosphere.

After reading movie website Den of Geek’s 2013 preview, he fired: “Filth hasn’t made it on to this list of the 13 most anticipated UK films for 2013. Ha ha ha . . . how little they know.”