Talk of the Town: Eagle-eyed Jerry too sharp for scam

IN these difficult financial times there’s always a need to keep a sharp eye out for cons and scams.

And one local boss has shown himself to be no mug, after outwitting a team of professional con artists working for the BBC.

Eagle Couriers boss Jerry Stewart was targeted by the crew of BBC3 show The Real Hustle, after being put up for the prank by staff.

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But when he was confronted by trickster Jessica-Jane Clement – currently trying to hustle her way out of eating insects on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – in a pub in Newington, he quickly spotted the con.

Jessica-Jane began chatting with Jerry, before trying to lure him into the offer of buying a cheap iPhone – which Jerry smartly refused, since all he would have bought was a box containing a brick for £250.

After being told about the scam, he said: “Being from the west, I am a bit more streetwise than those in the east.” Given the name of his company, it should be no surprise that he’s eagle-eyed.

Six kids leave Macintosh’s telly chances remote

AT the Edinburgh hustings for the Labour leadership contenders, one activist wanted to know the last play each of the candidates had seen, the last book they’d read and what they watched on TV.

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Johann Lamont admitted to watching Newsnight and Coronation Street, Tom Harris confessed to a fondness for American sitcoms, but father-of-six Ken Macintosh showed himself to be the most honest candidate, revealing: “I lost control of the remote years ago. I only get it back at 10pm to watch the news.”

Kneesy does it, Danny

STUNT cyclist Danny MacAskill has caused many a dropped jaw with his incredible tricks.

So we wish him all the best after hearing that he tore cartilage in his knee. He tells us: “I was filming in Canada for a documentary, when I fell off my bike.

“My knee had been weak for a couple of weeks before, but the fall is what caused the tear. This forced me off my bike for a couple of months, which was horrendous.”

Yup, it’s the real thing

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IT’S a classic red and white iconic symbol of Christmas and it’s coming to the Capital.

No, not Santa’s traditional outfit, but that other beacon of the festive season – the Coca-Cola truck, as seen in the tinsel-strewn snow-covered “holidays are coming” adverts every year. The truck will be thrilling fans at the Jewel and Castle Street on Wednesday.