Talk of the Town: Gadget-lovers or cannon fodder?

THERE’S iPhones and sat navs, iPods and iPads . . .

It seems we are now a species beholden to new-fangled contraptions.

And we Capital-dwellers appear to be more taken with modern gadgetry than the rest of Scotland – after ranking ninth in a UK chart of gadget-loving cities.

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New figures show that Edinburgh residents have an average spend of £1253 on gadgets, compared to table-toppers Canterbury on £1916.

No other Scottish city features in the top ten, indicating that the nation’s historic Capital is a trailblazer in modern technologies.

And yet we still need an ancient cannon to tell us it’s one o’clock.

Capital not the kind of place to be doing DIY

ALONG with rolling boiled eggs down Arthur’s Seat and watching the Great Escape – again – the Easter holidays are also associated with doing a bit of DIY.

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But according to a new survey, completing those jobs around the house has become something of a lost art in the Capital.

Home improvement service Job Worth Doing has found that one in five people in Edinburgh has never even attempted a DIY job.

And more than half of the city’s population owned up to not having the necessary knowledge to undertake DIY, while a third said they simply “hate it”.

Well, if you want something done – call a tradesman.

Cleavage to suit everyone

DEBENHAMS has launched its new range of female swimwear, stating it offers “cleavage for every occasion”.

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It seems women base their bikini choice on who they’re holidaying with and insist on “maximising their assets accordingly”.

Women feel, says Debenhams, “their assets should fit the social situation”.

Its new range is described as “a boob job in a bikini with the option of inflating or deflating when necessary”.

We must fire a warning to anyone keen to see this – that string dangling down the back is NOT the inflating/deflating chord.

Dogged determination

LASSIE lovers are in for a treat this weekend.

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Fans of the collie are invited to attend a talk about the history of the breed at Dogs Trust West Calder on Saturday.

Top tips on how to keep clever collies mentally stimulated will also be given at the 2pm talk. Crossword puzzles, sudokus and plenty of oily fish perhaps.