Talk of the town: Gird your loins for latest Irn-Bru ad

IRN-BRU has long earned plaudits for its iconic advertising and sideways glances at controversial topics.

And while this advert pictured may be fairly tame compared to transexual mums and cows hoping to be washed down with orange-coloured fizz when they are burgers, it’s been voted the favourite Irn-Bru advert of all time.

Showing the girders of the Forth Bridge, posters featuring the advert will now be available with special packs of the drink.

Headline ambiguity made us stop the presses

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AS newshounds we’re always looking to sniff out a good story here at Evening News towers. So when we read the headline of city councillor Paul Edie’s latest blog, the presses were stopped and a team of our hardest-hitting journos launched into action.

That was until the post which followed the tantalising teaser of “Police brutality at film festival” was revealed as Paul’s review of opening flick Killer Joe.

He liked it, in case you were wondering.

Lit up by famous flame

ALLAN Wells was in the News at the start of this week claiming the Olympics should be a kick up the backside for “comfortable” Scots.

So the sight of a cheeky moment when last week’s Torch Relay came to the Capital would have been no surprise to the 100m gold medallist of 1980.

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As a bystander explained, “A torchbearer stopped running for a second to help a guy light his fag. It was hilarious.”

Swimmers eat for free

PEOPLE will go a long way for free food – but given the Edinburgh weather of recent days, it remains to be seen how popular this offer will prove.

Domino’s Pizza is to open a new branch in Portobello Road on Monday, with a feast not just of food but flesh set to be on offer.

To celebrate the launch, staff will hand out free pizzas to the first 20 customers who turn up wearing their swimwear.

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