Talk of the Town: Keep your minds off Stornoway

A COUPLE of lost-looking souls may be spotted trekking the streets of the Capital this weekend looking to kill time.

The pair are Western Isles MSP Alasdair Allan and MP Angus MacNeil who have hit out at Loganair for axing its Friday morning flight between Edinburgh and Stornaway.

The pair said they rely on it to get home at the end of a frantic week at the coalface of politics. In response, the airline said “consistently low passenger numbers” had forced it to make a “commercial decision”.

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Our advice to Alasdair and Angus – if you turn to the Noticeboard just before the telly pages each day in the News, you’ll find plenty of goings-on to keep yourselves occupied.

Investigation required

DANNY Grainger might be stranded on the treatment table as his Hearts contract runs down.

But surely his teammates will agree that a lack of action is no excuse for this tweet: “Brazil v Italy on itv4 but coz my sister is up we r gonna watch csi Miami”.

Long road to stardom

IT’S time again for karaoke kings and weekend warblers to chase their 15 minutes of fame.

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Yup, the X Factor auditions are coming to a town . . . NOT near you. At least, not just yet.

While arena auditions may take place in Edinburgh later in the year, for those who can’t wait to show off their pop star potential, a mobile auditions van is heading out on the streets of the UK.

Capital crooners will have to go to Dumfries on March 27 for their chance to impress Cowell and co.

Bookies tell Alex his job’s safe

ALEX Salmond might be confident things will go his way on September 18 next year – but those putting their money where their mouth is are not so sure.

William Hill is offering long 6/1 odds of a “Yes” in the independence poll. But a “No” shouldn’t be too damaging for Alex – he’s 2/5 favourite to still be First Minister in 2016.