Talk of the Town: Learning a harsh lesson at university

NEW Tory councillor Dominic Heslop clearly feels at home in the leafy lanes of Currie and Balerno.

But it was a different story when the 35-year-old stood for election while studying at St Andrews University.

The Pentland Hills representative wrote on his election blog: “A far cry from the time I spent as a local government candidate in Fife in 1999 when being a Tory was like standing for the Plague Party.”

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He added: “Ok I was a tweed-wearing student at St Andrews University and looked about 12 back then, but being a Conservative didn’t help.”

No risk of selling Capital’s favourite pair short

IT’S the latest in must-have panda fashion. From T-shirts to hats and even full body suits – of course, you read Saturday’s News – it’s all right in black and white.

So male lovers of the animal everywhere will surely be investing in a pair of panda-inspired boxer shorts.

The pants, which are made from bamboo, come in three “colours”: Bamboo Shoot, Mountain Sunrise and Panda Eye.

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And it’s clear that designer WoodHorse Clothing knows what it’s taking about. It said: “Attached to each pair of briefs are a token slogan for the wearer to consider which continue the statement approach that they make.”

Yup, talking pants is its specialist subject.

Pie in the sky

FEW will argue that it’s home to the most unique view of Edinburgh Castle.

But now the Cranston restaurant at the Old Waverley Hotel in Princes Street reckons it’s top of the pie chart.

Claiming to offer the hotel equivalent of football’s Killie pie, chef David McKillop set to work day and night after discovering a recipe by the original Mrs Cranston.

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The result is supposedly a meat treat, with either beef or venison filling and the recipe, says the hotel, will remain a closely guarded secret.

At £4 a pie, we’ll guess the crust is some sort of edible gold.

Posters posted missing

IT’S a bad sign for East Lothian drama group Encore.

They’re bringing a Cole Porter musical to Brunton Theatre next week. But their bid to pull in the punters has been hit after banners advertising the show next to the Royal Bank of Scotland in Prestonpans were stolen.

The musical? Yup, you guessed it – Anything Goes.