Talk of the Town: Sharp to the point in city sports jibe

ALL that remains of the Olympics is its legacy, with Edinburgh among the many cities being urged to take advantage of the bounce in sporting activity.

Lynsey Sharp, the 800m runner from the Capital, was buoyed to see an advert on the back of a Lothian bus reading: “Proud of our athletes, proud of our city.”

But she couldn’t resist a dig at the city’s lack of investment by adding in the Twitter post: “Ahhhh so Edinburgh IS interested in sport.”

First class way to break award-winning news

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HERE at Evening News Towers, we like to think we’re supportive of local businesses and willing to shower them with praise when deserved.

So it’s congratulations to French Duncan Chartered Accountants for its brace of honours at the Scottish Accountancy Awards.

But we particularly like the way the firm informed the world.

A press release tells a beautiful story of tax partner Barry Laurie going through dusty old files when he found an advert for the firm’s predecessor at 56 Palmerston Place, the Palmerston Private Hotel, which boasted it was “first class and highly recommended”.

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The release ends by telling readers the accountants have now adopted the motto, adding: “Once more the accuracy of the saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same!”

And they all lived happily ever after.

Theatre of kremes

THERE’S already been mass excitement about the arrival of Krispy Kreme at Hermiston Gait, but the release of new details reveals the drive-thru includes a “doughnut theatre”.

No, this is not Shakespeare performed by a sugar-rolled Romeo and jam-filled Juliet, but front-row viewing while your sweet treat is made.

A feature that’s sure to have the American firm rolling in it.

So what is it you do?

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MORE from the PR vault now and the News told yesterday how Queen Margaret University had appointed a new chair of media and communication, a role that requires clarity and concision.

So to that end, Jacquie L’Etang introduced herself by saying: “Communications is central to public issues, public policy formation, major global shifts, organisational change and development, and I hope to facilitate collaboration and creative partnerships with a range of internal and external partners and stakeholders that can make interventions that benefit and change lives in line with QMU’s societal commitments.”