Talk of the Town: So that’s what all the flap was about

PROFESSOR Pongoo – the hammer of the Lib Dems – shot to fame at the local government elections after beating his established rivals, and making headlines around the world in the process.

Now the penguin-suited activist – who pledged to wear his outfit on all business until getting elected – has been using his name to help Greenpeace promote its anti-Shell campaign. But a slight hiccup ensued yesterday when campaigners emailed out a new group picture, with Pongoo strangely absent from the photo.

It later emerged that the penguin – aka Mike Ferrigan – had in fact ended up taking the snap, and that everyone who turned out had evidently forgotten why they were there.

Crease is the word

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WE’RE all after a bargain in these cash-strapped times, never more so than when it comes to keeping up our personal appearance.

In the spirit of economic belt-tightening, it makes sense – where possible – to cut back on snazzy new threads. But Radio Forth presenter Greg Maxwell highlighted a bizarre promo for £22 trousers that appeared at the Next outlet in Fort Kinnard recently. Alongside a picture of the well-creased pantaloons (and a boast they were “machine washable”) it also suggested customers “see swingers for details”.

We at TOTT can only speculate what advice practioners of car keys in a bowl-type activities may impart on curious shoppers.

But as Gregg himself suggested the tip was both “kinky and efficient”.

Store Wars I and II

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SUPERMARKET wars are nothing new, but it seems the fate of one has had Midlothian politicians slinging mud for the past week.

News that Sainsbury’s had pulled out of a proposed superstore plan for Dalkeith was revealed by the News in March.

So it was with some surprise that Labour came out guns blazing accusing the new SNP administration – elected in May – of being responsible.

The Nats rose to the bait and responded with a page-long tirade issued to the press titled “Labour in spectacular own goal”.

Bottom line is, no-one came out looking good.

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