Talk of the town: Sunshine on Leith beats Miami nice

HE’S the epitome of a local boy done good – but there’s no doubt Irvine Welsh has remained true to his home.

The Trainspotting author is bigging it up in Chicago these days and in demand the world over as book sales and film rights continue to mount up.

But as he set off for the sunniest of climes over the weekend, he told his thousands of Twitter followers that the old port was firmly in his thoughts.

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He wrote: “Off to O’Hare airport and bound for Miami . . . But it’s better, much better in Leith!”

Appetite is skewered by kebab house menu

AS a dining experience, they are post-pub favourites for those who care little about nutrition.

But one eagle-eyed Evening News reader will be avoiding a certain city centre kebab house – no matter how hard the munchies strike – after being handed a menu in the street.

Skimming the offerings, he noticed the takeaway eatery was charging £2 for “potatoe wedges”.

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While the prospect made him wince, it also raised questions over what was in the £5.90 “meat feast”.

Tasty Tunnock’s Taj Mahal

TORY transport spokesman Alex Johnstone was unimpressed with the Deputy First Minister’s announcement last week that the Scottish Government is pressing ahead with a high-speed rail link between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“There is absolutely no detail given at all,” he complained. “Without costs and route plans, this is nothing other than pie in the sky nonsense.

“It would be just as easy for Nicola Sturgeon to announce plans for a Taj Mahal replica to be built, in the style of a Tunnock’s Tea Cake, in honour of the First Minister.”

Pull a Christmas cracker

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THE phrase may have provided Mud with one of their biggest hits, but no-one wants to be lonely at Christmas.

And if you don’t have a festive companion sorted, time is running out if you want to pull a cracker this festive season.

That’s where Capital business beswitchedon comes in, with a series of workshops designed to help singletons attract the ideal partner in time for the party season.

Owner Karen Barr says the classes “explore and eliminate those hidden beliefs and behaviours that may be acting as a barrier to attracting love”.

Three sessions to unwrap the inner, loveable you comes in at £95 – or perhaps you can wait until the January sales.

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