Talk of the town: Tatt’s the way to leave your mar

THERE’S hero worship . . . and then there’s this. When stuntman cyclist Danny MacAskill scrawled his signature on a fan’s arm, he could not have expected it would be turned into a permanent work of art – even if he had been warned.

The fearless rider posted this picture on his official Facebook page, commenting: “NO FLIPPING WAY!!!! I thought this guy was joking when he said he was going to get the signature I did on his arm tattooed haha!!!!”

GIVEN his contribution to literature, you’d think Irvine Welsh would be well capable of handling his drink.

But he has sensationally revealed that is not the case.

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The Trainspotting author took to Twitter to announce he was smashed . . . sorry, HAD smashed, a fine bottle of the hard stuff.

He wrote: “I don’t believe it. Just dropped and shattered an 18-year old bottle of Highland Park Malt whisky on a New York sidewalk.”

And if you thought that was unforgiveable, a lad from Leith using the word “sidewalk”? Pavement, Irvine, pavement!

Curry up, won’t you?

THE Olympics may soon be distant memory, but that doesn’t mean we should be drained of our new-found competitive spirit.

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That’s because now the hottest award of all is up for grabs as cities across the UK compete to be declared the nation’s Curry Capital.

Takeaway industry website Hungry House informs Talk of the Town that the favourites include Birmingham, Bradford and Glasgow . . . while Edinburgh’s challenge is non-existent.

So consider this our plea for the city’s finest Indian eateries to get in there and spice things up.

Time to stand up, lads

MEN of Britain – it’s time for an etiquette lesson.

A shocking survey has revealed that only four per cent of fellas would be willing to give up a seat for a pensioner or pregnant woman.

Now, churlish chaps are being urged to pull their socks up.

Mark Hall, of, which offers no surprises, says: “It’s shameful that as a society we have let our standards slip.”