Talk of the Town: We could’ve sworn he was famous

THERE was a ripple of excitement among fans of The Thick of It when we heard that this weekend’s inaugural Edinburgh Whisky Stramash was to feature Peter Capaldi as the star of a murder mystery.

In fact, we thought we might write a story about it.

So when we discovered that in fact it was not the Peter Capaldi but a jobbing actor with the same name from Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow, you can imagine the string of expletives that rang out around the newsroom.

As far as spin goes, Malcolm Tucker would have been proud.

Penguins p-p-pick up where they left off

IT’S that time of year when people are thinking about their summer holidays.

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But among the exotic destinations on our wish lists, it’s unlikely Belfast and Gloucester will rank highly.

Edinburgh Zoo’s Gentoo Penguins, however, are making the most of it. While their enclosure is refitted, they’ve been making themselves at home on their travels.

Talk of the Town is told the Belfast Zoo holidaymakers have been breeding as normal, but there have been divorces and new partnerships forming.

Meanwhile, at Birdland in Gloucester, king penguin Nils Olav has been pestering resident female Lily, who has been earmarked as a potential partner.

Mark bares his soul

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HE’S been around the world and seen all sorts of weird and wonderful sights, but yesterday global adventurer and cyclist Mark Beaumont was copping an eyeful in the Capital.

Summer finally seems to be creeping up on us and as the sun streamed down on our fine city, Mark, who rode his bike round the world, took to Twitter to comment: “Great sun-baked day in Edinburgh – it’s amazing how little Scottish people wear when the sun makes an appearance.”

Celebration is the rail deal

WHILE Scotland has failed to be ignited by the prospect of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, with few street parties being lined up, there is now a reason to celebrate.

That’s right, train operator East Coast is marking the first birthday of its timetable and First Class complimentary food and drink service, which launched on May 22, 2011.

So now there’s more to get excited about than just an extra day off work.

Right, where did we put that bunting.