The risk to our pubs posed by the Euro 2020 Fans Zone

What is the logic behind allowing “Fanzones” of up to 3,000 people in Glasgow during the 2020 Euros?

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 4:45 am
Excitement builds for the Euro 2020 tournament - but so does concern surrounding the creation of a Fans Zone in Glasgow Green where 6,000 supporters are expected to gather every day during the contest. PIC: John Devlin.

Why would you take the risk of jeopardising all the good work that has been done for the sake of allowing a few thousand football fans to congregate together in an alcohol licensed area to watch the games on a big screen?

There is no shortage of pubs in Glasgow that could easily accommodate those that don’t want to watch at home, where social distancing rules will be in force and where the increased business would be more than welcome to an industry that is in dire need of an economic boost.

Professor Linda Bauld of Edinburgh University has already pointed out the risks in hosting events like this, in a huge beer garden, where alcohol is liberally consumed and where, depending on the activities on the pitch, social distancing potentially “goes oot the windae” (my words not hers- obviously) as fans do what fans do throughout the world.

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The Scottish Government has remained implacably opposed to mandatory Covid testing for those attending, despite scientists calling for such and The Scottish Licensed Trade Association said it feared that the fan zone could lead to fresh further Covid outbreaks and another lockdown being imposed “forcing licensed premises to close again when they have only just managed to start reopening.”

There are no shortages of alternatives for fans to watch the games so why take such a risk for such a small gain? The price that may have to be paid if Covid takes a renewed grip among fans and their families is surely too great!