Tim Minchin's bac with a bang - Karen Koren

I’m happy to report that Tim Minchin is coming back to Scotland in mid-October. He will be in Edinburgh at the Festival Theatre on the 17th after starting his UK tour in Aberdeen the previous evening. Then he’s in Dundee on the 20th and continuing to do a total of 30 dates.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 7:00 am
Tim Minchin enjoys every second he’s on stage

Tim Minchin is an artist at the top of his game. He presents an inspired, witty and moving cabaret show. Tim was last here in November 2019 with his spectacular show “Back”. T he energy Tim puts into his performance is incredible – he enjoys every second on stage and it shows. He has also managed to gather a band of incredible musicians who tour with him. Though he has only got two of his original Australian musicians with him this time the show is enhanced hugely by them.

The new show is entitled "Back the Encore Tour " – it is a follow-up to Tim’s last show, a retrospective of new songs, old songs and funny stories.

I n November 2020, Tim released his first studio solo album “ Apart Together”, described as “ crisply observed and tenderly considered” . Tim and his band streamed a live performance of the full album to a worldwide audience and critical acclaim at the height of the pandemic. Songs featured include “If This Plane Goes Down”, contemplating a crash from 30,000 feet singing: “Remember me as someone who tried to find a balance between self-loathing and pride.” Another poignant and beautiful song is “I’ll Take Lonely Tonight”, a story of temptation and moral compass questioning written about the temptations he’s dealt with whilst on tour or working away. The biographical “Talked Too Much, Stayed Too Long” is almost definitely "Apart Together" at its best and most pure. However, his show is not all sentiment and reflection – there is plenty of comedy and Tim at his best sending himself up.

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I’m looking forward to being in his company again as the memory of these early days in 2005 when Tim was starting out at Gilded Balloon and how we all championed him – it was a whirlwind of an ambitious performer arriving from Australia and finding his feet. He never looked back.

There are still tickets left for his shows in Scotland. Go and see him – you won’t be disappointed.