Trouble at t’mill? Then try Eskmills Venue - Fiona Duff

So now that it is December, I hope that you have got Christmas Day organised.

Eskmills Venue Christmas party time
Eskmills Venue Christmas party time

Family or friends? It’s a difficult choice for some, but not for others. I seem to have quite a lot of family so there’s rarely any room for mates to join us. And, quite frankly, would they actually want to sit around a table with our motley crew?

Anyway, with that sorted it’s then what to do for Hogmanay. I find that sometimes it is a bit like playing chicken. You ask friends what they are doing, and as often as not they will reply “nothing”. You wait, desperately hoping that they add, “so why don’t you come round to ours”. Finally, you know that someone will break and hey presto – there’s a Hogmanay party in place.

Of course last year no-one had a party. I think it was the first time that I sat in front of the TV on the 31st of December with just the husband and dog for company.

However, someone recently pointed out to me that there is a way to ensure a good night out to see in the new year. You just need to get yourself to Musselburgh where a fantastic night awaits at Eskmills Venue. No need to worry about what to eat as there is a 4 course meal served before hitting the dance floor to boogie away to the Klones. It all goes on until 2am, but you won’t get hungry as in the wee small hours bacon rolls will be on offer.

Best of all, when you wake up in 2022 there will be no dirty dishes, no tidying up and, what has happened to us a couple of times, no need to call a plumber to reattach a radiator to the wall. Don’t even ask but I recommend that you move that cat seat before anyone arrives.

For those who don’t make it back from Musselburgh then there are the New Year Day’s races – however, I suggest you take a change of clothing for that event. Although tartan will be acceptable.