Two 'broken' phones fixed in a flash and for nothing but a 'thank you' – Hayley Matthews

I was on a mission to get two phones fixed recently. My eldest's phone had spent the night in a bowl of rice after his man-bag (with a bottle of water in it) got flung against a wall and had a nice wee wash whilst in there.

A broken phone is no fun at all (Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Deutsche Telekom)
A broken phone is no fun at all (Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Deutsche Telekom)

You know how it goes, rice for the night and the phone works fine. Well, not if you're impatient and ram a changer in it before taking all the rice out whilst your mum and dad are sleeping…

Mr Hayley had also been complaining about his phone with the fast-charge not working for a while.

I was expecting hundreds of pounds to fix our situations, possibly even a new phone for my eldest but was pleasantly surprised by the Gadget Technician at the bottom of Leith Walk, opposite the Kirkgate, who only charged us a “thank you”.

He used a pair of delicate tweezers (that I would love a shot of for my ‘hard-to-reach’ chin hairs) to get the grain of rice out in a second. He then blew into Mr Hayley's phone and got something manky out, and fixed the fast-charge in a flash.

We were in and out so quickly, I didn't even get the chance to give the boys a telling-off for misbehaving because they didn't get the chance to misbehave!

So after all the nonsense that the businesses of Leith Walk have had to put up with (trams, sigh), I thought I'd give Zozek the Gadget Technician a massive shoutout for being spectacular at fixing phones quicker than two shakes of a lamb’s tail!