Women’s Fund for Scotland is giving you the chance to glow like a superhero – Susan Morrison

Skate of Mind helps girls complete a ‘half cab on a quarter pipe’ and a whole lot more
Rollerstaking can be empowering (Picture: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)Rollerstaking can be empowering (Picture: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Rollerstaking can be empowering (Picture: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

There’s a brilliant outfit called the Women’s Fund for Scotland (WFS). They raise money and make grants to charities in Scotland which work with women and girls. The range of groups they’ve given a helping hand to is amazing.

Down here in Leith, for example, they got some dosh to an outfit teaching girls how to rollerskate. Now, you might ask, why? Well, as Gill, the amazing woman who set Skate of Mind up explained to me, it's a great way to get girls achieving something, such as a half cab on a quarter pipe. No idea what that is, but it sounds impressive. Every time a girl cracks a technique, she gets a little more confident, and that is something to be encouraged.

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Gill had been a roller derby player until she retired her knee pads. She decided that she was going to do something to improve the lives of young women around her. She is a force to be reckoned with – all the women who have started these organisations are. Like the woman who set up the Joshua Nolan Foundation, which gets young people the mental health help they require when they need it. Joshua’s mum created it. She built something good out of her son’s death by suicide.

The Women’s Fund helps these charities improve our world a tiny bit at a time. Lots of that money is donated to the WFS by women here in Scotland. You bung a bob or two their way, and you’re doing some serious good. It's like a sort of super-power. Now, if you’d like a little of the superhero glow about you, why not come to a smashing evening out and learn more?

Yes, I am shamelessly punting a darned good night out on June 2, at a Feisty Gals event at The Place on York Place. Google “feisty gals the place” to get your tickets.

Come, have a nibble and a drink and learn more about the great work WFS does, and have a great laugh. They’ve got me supplying that last bit. So there will be swearing. Sorry about that.

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