You’ll never guess what my two boys want to play with during lockdown – Hayley Matthews

Hayley Matthews has built a garden slide, dug out DVDs and done a host of other things to keep her two young children entertained, but they are intent on playing with a most sought-after lockdown item...

By Hayley Matthews
Saturday, 11th April 2020, 9:49 am
As Lulu would say, kids and partners in a lockdown just make me want to shout.
As Lulu would say, kids and partners in a lockdown just make me want to shout.

I’ve shouted so much the past few weeks that I’ve genuinely given myself piles and oh, how I’m grateful there isn’t a shortage of germaloids at the moment!

Don’t worry it hasn’t all been at the kids; Kenny has got his share of being shouted at too, usually for not shutting drawers behind him (cue eye-roll!). Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those things he can’t seem to do and if I have to shut another drawer I’m going to have a mini-stroke!

The days are rolling into one and I’ve had to check my phone a few times to remind myself what day we’re actually on. Our routine is all over the place and any sort of normal sleeping pattern has disappeared along with my quiet voice.

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I was on BBC Radio Scotland talking to Fiona Stalker last week about what life is like as a parent at home with kids just now and was due to give an update this week. I was quite honest about the shouting and the piles – and why not? We could all be doing with a laugh at the moment and I’m never short of stories or shy at giving some brutal honesty on life and its hurdles.

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And so it was time for an update on Drive Time with John Beattie. I joined Donald Macleod from the Catwalk and chef Nick Nairn who were giving their opinions from a business perspective. The message was clear, we’re all getting on with this and will do what we need to do. However, it will take time and things will be very different once normality is restored.

I have to admit that despite getting out for a walk with the buggy every day, I am feeling very sluggish and am finding it hard to keep two young boys entertained. And wow, the amount of energy an eight-year old and one-year-old have is amazing! I wish they could zap some to me.

I keep finding myself thinking about all the jobs around our home that I’d like to do then realise I can’t do much as little baby Oryn needs my attention or has climbed on to the kitchen table and is about to empty a milk bottle on to the laptop.

Or if he’s napping I normally give in to the temptation of an hour in bed and jump in too, so you see I’m not really getting the chance to do much on my to-do list.

I’ve tried very hard the last few weeks to keep the boys entertained. I’ve built a garden slide, basketball hoop, football net, and dug out about 50 DVDs. Also a special thanks goes out to my friends Vickie and Russell who have dropped off (at a safe distance) lots of arts and crafts, a tent and garden toys! You guys are brilliant, thank you. I’ve dug out all our other games and toys to play with, offered an array of treats to keep the boys happy and really tried to make the lockdown fun. I even bought them a 3D pen and what do they want to play with? The bloody toilet rolls!

So I’m just letting kids be kids from now on and if I need the loo, I’ll use the cat tray!