Comment: Edinburgh has rallied around Gorgie City Farm

WELL done. Great work everyone.

Friday, 10th June 2016, 9:07 am
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 11:01 am
Michael Mikalauskas with daughter Abagail at Gorgie City Farm. File picture: Malcolm McCurrach

It is hard to believe that less than six weeks ago one of the city’s best-loved institutions was facing the prospect of closing down for good. After almost 40 years, it was teetering on the brink and its dedicated team of volunteers feared the worst.

Fast forward to today and the situation has changed completely. There are celebrations down at Gorgie City Farm after readers of the News played a huge part in raising an incredible £100,000 to secure its immediate future.

The popular petting farm is not out of the woods altogether, but hopes are now high that it will be around for generations to come. The cash which so many of you have helped to raise should give the attraction enough breathing space to draw up plans to let it thrive.

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It still needs the support of the city, in terms of business sponsorship, visitor donations and volunteers. But the management at the farm know only too well what is needed and are well on their way to making it happen.

There is no doubt that Edinburgh would be a far poorer place without Gorgie City Farm. For generations now, it seems as though no Capital childhood was complete without at least one visit. But it is not just nostalgic memories that make it worth saving.

A busy city like Edinburgh needs its oases of calm away from the frantic pace of modern life. But there is far more to it than that. A visit to the farm is the closest many city children get to knowing about the countryside and where the chicken and carrots that end up in our supermarkets come from.

Today is a day of celebration. Firstly, for the fact that the future of the farm now looks so much brighter, but also for the way in which the people of Edinburgh have rallied round to save the day. Tomorrow, though, don’t forget to visit and make a donation if you can.