Consultation on making Edinburgh's Spaces for People measures permanent costs £60,000 - your views online

"I take it they haven't got the answers they wanted from the people”

Friday, 12th March 2021, 7:00 am
The comments come as Edinburgh City Council announced it is set to launch a city-wide consultation on which Spaces for People schemes residents may wish to keep permanently.

Spaces for People

Consultation on making Edinburgh's Spaces for People measures permanent costs £60,000

Stevie Boggie

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Is that because there has been over 10,000 objections? Are they trying to get someone, only needs one, to say it’s great, to justify its cost by Edinburgh Council? Roll on May.

Pedro Nogueira

Give the roads back to the cars and more parking space. EV cars are the future. Stop with stupid changes, don't vote for this council.

Negri Punton

How about making cycle lanes easier to use by just extending pavements, rather than these nonsense bollards or weird zigzag routes on and off pavement like Leith Walk?

Frank Mckay

Got to laugh at Lesley Macinnes commenting. I have been emailing her about this stupid project for months, asking for a risk assessment for Silverknowes Road/Silverknowes Road East, do not get a reply. They have started putting the double yellow lines down so that now prevents people getting deliveries during this pandemic.

Graham Gray

Councils are wasting money on these stupid projects, they are only an 18 month experiment that have already been paid for by some clown who thought of the idea. Once lockdown ends they will be of no use to anyone. The people have already spoken, scrap the whole stupid project.

Paul Taylor

I take it they haven't got the answers they wanted from the people, so now they need more time to rope in the cycle lobbies from around the UK to give them the go ahead for our streets.

David Jones

“Double yellow lines indicate a prohibition of waiting at any time even if there are no upright signs. You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on school entrance markings (see 'Road markings') when upright signs indicate a prohibition of stopping”. So if you live on a street where they are creating all these spaces for people, but exclude the spaces for the people that actually live there and use the street the most, then it’s clear they aren’t really consulting anyone!

Ronnie Wood

The majority of Edinburgh’s population and businesses don’t want this. Stop pandering to the minority, these councillors forget they are there to represent all the citizens.

Bob Leponge

The only thing this administration are expert at is wasting our money on things we don’t want.

Derek Carroll

Consultants have already trousered £280k.

Ian Munro

I passed a cyclist on York Place on Sunday; she was totally unaware of the new cycle lane they took months building until I pointed it out to her. And she won't be the only one.

Queensferry Crossing

Research to prevent ice build-ups on the Queensferry Crossing will take place this year, the Transport Secretary reveals

Debra Davies

Put ice boots on the cables like they have on aircraft wings, close the bridge for half an hour or so, inflate the boots so all the ice breaks off, clean up the roadway with a snowplough, open the bridge!

Elizabeth McArthur

Is this the same bridge that upon completion the SNP took the opportunity to brag about it being built on time and within budget?

Brett Campbell

Surely the weather was factored in when designing and building the bridge?

William Rendle

Surely this research has already been done elsewhere, and a solution already exists? It’s not the only bridge in the world affected by falling ice.

Barry Elder

Dear god, wire a heating cable up them. A bear with a gingerbread bahookie could work that out.

Steve Johnston

Ice can still build up on hydrophobic material – what a bunch of wasters!

Gee Darcy

Drag the sun closer to the bridge... easy.

Peter Hynd

Just open the old bridge when it happens instead of making folk go via Kincardine.

Elaine Burt

Incoming cost of £20m.

Lewis Alexander Lach

They could use a resonance frequency machine to create artificial frequency that breaks ice off. Or you could have proxy cables that sit at high risk area and when ice builds up just pull it like a bicycle brake and the motion breaks off the ice.

Martino Manganiello

That bridge and the trams - Scotland’s treasures.