Council chiefs may have to fork out millions to continue  Edinburgh's Just Eat cycle hire scheme - your views online

"Great idea, but due to troglodytes they have wrecked an otherwise positive move”

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 7:00 am
Pic - Greg Macvean - 02/03/2020 - 07971 826 457 - Weber Shandwick Edinburgh's new fleet of 163 rentable e-bikes are officially launched at the City Chambers and integrated into the existing cycle hire scheme - Just Eat Cycles

Cycle hire

Council chiefs may have to fork out millions to continue Edinburgh s Just Eat cycle hire scheme which was meant to be self-financing.

Nicholas Burns Cumming

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Another council shambles! If there is a charge to use these bikes, why are so many abandoned? Why are so many easily ripped from stations and used by yobs? If people want to cycle they should register a credit card and address and be accountable. It's not rocket science.

Mark Fairbairn

Council doing what they do best, make up a figure that's nowhere near the true cost, lie to the people, then send them the bill. Trams, planters in trhe road and Spaces for People – in any other walk of life any people are sacked for those mess ups.

Alex Mclean

Each time I pass one of those bike hire points I notice bikes just lying around and not in their space. Why is that? I’ve also seen many being ridden by kids in the direction of the Wild West. Obviously the bike stations need constant CCTV coverage. We’re paying for another incompetently handled council scheme.

Tim Wight

The council dances to the tune of Sustrans. Who exactly is giving advice and strategy to the council on this issue? Name names! Make accountable the unelected!

Jon Clark

Yet again the council are to spending £millions on a project that has financially gone wrong. Does the council ever manage to get the finances right? They employ highly paid executives and squander 100s of £millions of our money on their crazy projects, meanwhile our city’s infrastructure and services are in a state of disrepair and are being cut all round. Something is very wrong within our council now.

Tom MacDonald

How much is cycling going to cost Edinburgh? If it’s not one crime it’s another, and after the so-called SFP, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s actually all worth the hassle.

Ken Johnston

Judging by the number seen lying about various streets. not just Edinburgh but some in East Lothian too, it's no surprise the scheme doesn't work.

Paul Taylor

Nowhere near as costly as the Spaces for People fiasco.

Ser Glynn

Great idea, but due to troglodytes they have wrecked an otherwise positive move, as I see quite a few folk riding these.

Jamie Stalker

Who in their right mind thought that this was ever going to work? You’ll find most of them down at the bottom of the bridge at the Shore.

Biff Tannen

I thought Just Eat paid for them?

Lost Edinburgh

What one thing would you bring back to Edinburgh if you could?

William Paris

The roadworks coordinator job. Their job was to ensure that works on the roads were coordinated between the utilities and construction/repair crew. First casualties of the 2008 financial collapse. The road condition today, largely because now nothing is coordinated or checked afterwards, speaks for the necessity of this role.

Richard O'Donnell

Fat Sams restaurant at Fountainbridge, and Rock Bottom bar/restaurant, in a basement at the corner of Shandwick Place.

Laura Freeman

The water feature at Waverley.

Uzma Iqbal

The koi pond at the National Museum of Scotland, it lost some its charm and soul when it was removed.

Sally Anthony

All the good shops that closed down and original shop fronts.

Jonny Brown

Free for all Hogmanay - no fences or gates.

Janet Smith

Edinburgh back to the past in the 70s. Great years then with all the original shops... Woolworths, C&A, Littlewoods, British Home Stores, Boots the chemist, Etams, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkin , Chelsea Girl, What Every Woman Wants, House of Fraser, Jenner's and lots more...

Fiona Black

All the fab wee music venues.

Graeme Laing

Nothing – if it was that good it would still be there.

Mairi Ferris

Over the Rainbow diner on Broughton Street.

Melvin Stove

Standing terracing behind goalposts at Murrayfield, much better atmosphere!

Jim McWilliams

Clean public toilets, we are a couple of hundred years behind where we used to be in this regard.