Council workers strikes - your views online

Council workers across Scotland need a “significantly improved” pay offer if the prospect of strike action is to be averted, a leading trade unionist has insisted.

Warren Burrows

Front line cleansing staff get about £20,000 pa. Their bosses, Lawrence and Barwell get around £400,000 combined pa, incl. pension contribution.

Ian MacLachlan

Folk should be paid the worth of their job! In New York a number of years ago the bin men went on strike, the city ground to halt in one week. But the office workers that worked in air conditioned offices with all the benefits, if they had gone on strike no one would’ve noticed for yonks.

Andy McLaren

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This is what happens when you freeze council tax for 10 years – SNP are failing.

David Bell

Are they on strike already? Garden refuse lorry just drove past and didn't pick up my bin or neighbours’ despite paying £35 per year on top of council tax.

Keith Tait

Why don't tenants go on strike against paying the council until we receive the services we're being charged for?

Ryan Crombie

Good on them. The councillors can afford to pay themselves thousands and give themselves big bonuses, they can afford to give the workers what they are asking for. It's about time people started to strike and stop accepting this.

Jack Brock

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Councils in Scotland used to receive money from the EU. Now they are around £3 million down. Sunak said he would level up and replace this money. Oh, yes!

James Spears

The SNP are giving money away to buy votes, rather than paying for infrastructure and services.

Tam Shades

London decides what money comes north. The quicker we leave the union, then we can worry about who we want to run our own country.

Energy prices

Ofgem has announced a big change to the price cap which will affect consumers this winter

James Law

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So what has changed. Instead of reviewing every six months it will be every three months. So all that will happen is instead of raising the cost by £1000 every six months it will only raie by £500 every three months so it won't look so bad.

Gary Jenkinson

We all know what's going to happen, we really need to know what the government is going to do to help people, as it because of them privatising these companies and selling them to foreign investers.

Leanne Cuthbert

It seems that energy providers are abusing the people by capping the prices at the highest level they are legally allowed to charge. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it moral.

Roy Maisey

The government should ban the daily standing charge which is levied by the energy companies. They get more than enough from what we pay for energy, without having to milk us for more. This charge infuriates me.

David Beveridge

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It’s going to take half of the state pension; be more dying of hypothermia that Covid.

Davie Lawrie

People will be on here moaning about the price of energy yet complain about others who are fighting to get a wage rise to help pay for these huge increases! Obviously irony is lost on them!

Jake H Fraser

Ofgem is supposed to help and is making it worse.

Martin Bell

No such thing as price cap as it just keeps rising.

Aneta Zydonik

I wonder how people will pay bills if it will take bigger part of their salary.

Graham Gray

And when millions of the population cannot pay, what then?

Petrol prices

Petrol prices fell by an average of 9p per litre last month, according to the latest figures, with diesel dropping almost 7p.

Jason Malone

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It went up almost 50p a litre but has come down 9p and we are all meant to think this is great.

Christopher Arkle

I bet they will be making sure they include this fall in the next inflation figures.

Gordon Paton

Yet still retailers are making 40 to 50 pence per litre profit.

Tully Tulley

It's a rip off in Edinburgh as all are charging high prices. It’s 10p ltr cheaper in the Borders.

Paula Miquelin

Tesco Bathgate was 169.9p


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