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The UK government plan to make it illegal for hospitality firms to withhold tips from workers
The etiquette of tipping can be a fraught issueThe etiquette of tipping can be a fraught issue
The etiquette of tipping can be a fraught issue

Paul Bathgate

This always makes me nervous. I feel an additional 10 per cent is always well received by restaurant staff in Edinburgh. The service or food would have to be particularly poor for there to be no tip. In America, however, I learned pretty fast that this is not acceptable. Table servers in America on some occasions rely on them as a sole wage - 20-30 per cent in most places.

Philip Taylor

The hospitality industry should pay proper wages. If they want to go all American, then reduce the price of the food.

Douglas Daniel Duff

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Ten per cent if it's warranted. Completely disagree with a service charge being automatically added to a bill - I would ask for it to be removed if it were.

Vicki Childerstone

It all depends on the service. My husband always wants to leave a tip but sometimes I have to remind him it's not the USA and they are actually doing the job they are paid to d. I only tip if they go out of their way and are really helpful, you tip for a good service/dining experience in my eyes, not to pay someone to do their job, just my way of thinking. Also when 4/5/6 people serve you throughout too.

Lorraine Blyth

Depends on the service. Usually around 10 per cent but I have on at least two occasions waited on my change after receiving really bad service.

Cathy Pratt

Would leave what I think appropriate – I don't like being told what to leave.

Carla Bainbridge

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Tip only if service is good, in cash and given to the server - never left on table.

Raymond Bailey

If I have great service and server I will leave a tip. If the service and server are crap I don't leave a cash tip, what I do give is a verbal tip to improve your service!

Katelynn Carolan

Tips have always been a bonus for good food and service. Topping up wages with tips has always been illegal. You're always free to not leave a tip if you don't want to. Tips should be divvied out to waiting and kitchen staff based on hours worked. If you want more tips you work more hours. It's an incentive to work in a very hard industry where staff turnover is high. The only time I've been allowed to keep the tip without it going to the tip jar is because customers verbally/sexually harassed me or they were given as drinks the customer told me to put through. I always refuse to pay a service charge added to a bill as you can't verify they actually go to staff as tips, and staff can't verify it has been added to the tip jar. Always pay your tip in cash.

Drugs laws

Sir Keir Starmer backs Scotland over softer laws on Class A drug possession

Paula Docherty

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Really! Our streets and schools will be flooded with drugs. Can't see how this will cut death rates. Sturgeon and Starmer are working harder for drug dealers. Only the kids of Scotland will pay the price for this idiotic idea.

Louise Stewart

It doesn't matter what the law is on drugs if we don't tackle the underlying issues that lead people there in the first place.

Richard Stewart

Jailing drug addicts is a draconian way to reduce and tackle our drug epidemic, not forgetting hugely expensive to the tax-payer. The only way to reduce and assist drug addiction is to have a financially sound support programme/network.

Steve Bell

I fail to see how this will lower deaths or am I missing something. No additional support, the same substances are still out there. Only difference is dealers aren't going to be prosecuted for possession of it meaning it will be easier to shift

Laird Ronald Simpson

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This man is trying anything to get votes, he’s never seen the carnage and damage to families because of drugs, this is a travesty.

Patricia Anderson

Drug charities welcome it too.

Scott Robertson

Are they so out of touch with the real world? How many more people will be using class A on a night out now? Knowing its just a slap on the wrist it just encourages people. Surely all this does is create a bigger problem in drugs. How help for addicts instead of making it OK for everyone?

Gav Grant

Decriminalise all drugs and continue to offer help to those that need it where addiction occurs. Millions hold down a steady life, no crime, and choose to buy some recreational drugs at the weekends. The existing drug laws are antiquated and alcohol is in the top five of addictive substances.

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