Don’t blame the Fringe for Edinburgh’s tourism problem – Helen Martin

THE chief exec of the Fringe Society, Shona McCarthy thinks Edinburgh is in a “weird moment” with the city “in danger of being anti-tourist”. T

That’s hardly surprising because the “festivalisation” continues to grow, disrupting life and work in the Capital. But, being a strong believer in over-tourism, I can defend her – a bit.

The Festival and Fringe is a bit of a nightmare (although some locals wallow in it). But it has been a world event since 1947 and it’s limited to around a month – a good time for locals to go away on holiday!

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Edinburgh is in danger of becoming an 'anti-tourist' city, Fringe chief warns
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Edinburgh’s problem with over-tourism today is that it goes on all year round. And that’s what ruins our city, disrupts the lives of our residents and has to be reduced and controlled.

Blind party loyalty is bad for our future

IT’S good to have responsive comments (for or against) to a column and last week’s, based on Brexit and independence, gathered a lot. One referred to me as an “SNP bigot”. Not complaining about that (I’ve been called worse) but I feel compelled to explain.

I’m not a member or constant supporter of any political party. I’ve raised objections to several SNP policies and I’ve even praised Conservatives, as well as criticising and ticking off Labour.

Party loyalty works as a delusion or a blindfold when it comes to trying to be objective, assessing the UK’s current, deeply dangerous mess and forming a personal opinion of the best way forward. It’s not about waving a flag or supporting parties who are like football teams with their primary goal being scoring more than their opponents.

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We have to dump blind faith and put our brains and hopes above the “party games” to decide what we want for our future, then vote tactically to achieve it.

New boilers? Who pays?

GAS boilers and central heating can be replaced by electric boilers fired on renewable energy to meet Edinburgh’s gas ban target of 2030. And there are already “wet” electric radiators rather than dry atmosphere heaters with elements. Fine. The problem is what it’s going to cost us to rip our homes and floors apart to install the new systems. Government